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First of all, you must realize that you are not where you are, in this time, place and circumstances, by accident. You have been placed here, with a certain purpose, by the Creator.

The fact that you read this now is also not by accident. It is your inbuilt desire, to strive for better, that brought you here when you saw the name of this webpage. The Science of Abundance is an incredibly old science, and it exists from since the universe was created.

It mainly comes down to the fact that something is created as soon as it is needed for growth. It is created by thought of the Omni-present power of the Universe. The Almighty God creates by thought and when He speaks the Word. “Let there be light, and there was light.”

You are a spiritual being that live in a physical body and was given a mind or intellect. When God says that His Kingdom must come on earth, it means that His Will must be done through you. He lives inside you and wants you to live to your full potential. You are not meant to suffer and live in poverty while there is just abundance in nature all around you. In nature there is no scarcity, only abundance.

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There is also no sickness in nature, just health. Sickness comes only from neglect and abuse. Everything and everyone are meant to be healthy and living in abundance. Jesus healed al the sick people who came to Him, because it is unnatural to be sick. It is not the Will of God.

Now you might ask why is it that everyone is not healthy and rich? This is a particularly good question, and you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you only eat healthy food?
  2. Do you never eat too much?
  3. Do you exercise regularly?
  4. Do you avoid stress in your life?
  5. Do you always make full use of every opportunity that comes your way?
  6. Do you always work diligently?
  7. Are you always trustworthy?
  8. Do you invest in always getting more knowledge? Do you study?
  9. Do you always strive to do the best in everything you do?
  10. Do you think that life owes you something?
  11. Do you give freely without any thought of getting something back?
  12. Do you see a bright future, or do you always moan about all your misfortune?
  13. Do you see the good in other people or do you always criticise?

If you have answered any of these questions in a negative way, just know that is not always your fault. You have been programmed since birth in negative ways by your parents and teachers as well as bad experiences. Your self-image was created by what existed in your world and it can cause you to react in the wrong way. This is keeping you where you are.

But, there is hope. You have been blessed with higher faculties. These gifts allow you to change your attitude and habits. It is bad habits and a wrong attitude that prevent you from getting better results.

In your imagination you can build a vivid picture of what you really want in life. By using your will, you can keep the focus on this dream until it is burned into your sub-conscious mind. When that happens, it turns into a burning desire that must be fulfilled.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You are also given the correct talents and abilities to do whatever you need to do here on earth, better than anybody else can do it. No two people have exactly the same purpose on earth, so you need never worry about competition. You are the best suited to fulfil your purpose and you will be the master in your field once you develop all your skills.

You are blessed with a perfect memory and can reason and calculate so that you are able to plan and design whatever you want. This enables you to study and build your abilities so that you can bring your valuable services to the marketplace. With your perception you can look at the world from any angle you want.

Lastly you have an intuition that will show you the right way and prevent you from making mistakes.

Once you are aware of all your capabilities, you will start to learn how to use them effectively so that you will get better results. This will build a better self-image which will allow you to get even better results.

You must allow abundance into your life and make room for it.

An extremely poor man was once told about the Law of Abundance, but he could not think that he was meant to have abundance after being poor his whole life. At last, he was convinced to at least wish for something small to improve his life.

He asked for a small carpet for his room and soon received a large carpet. This made him think that perhaps he can afford something bigger, and he asked for a stove to hold back the winter cold. It went on and on until he owned the whole house, and he became a wealthy businessman.

In her book “Life is a game and how to play it” Florence Scovel Shinn wrote that one must act as if you already have received what you want. She tells how a man who wanted to travel the world went out and bought himself a huge trunk for his voyage.

Put action to your belief even if you have no idea how it will materialise.

You can read all the books that Florence wrote from this website. You can also download it and read it offline or even print it. It would be an excellent gift for somebody you love.

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